Having children and taking care of them is no less than full time, day, and night job. Your office is your house, and your kids are the bosses. You have to work for them and still hear their tantrums and cries. But ah, the beauty of this beautiful relationship always has us teary-eyed whenever we reflect back in time. But are you enjoying it at the moment? Are your schedules going on track the way they were before parenthood? Probably not. To be able to manage everything the same way as it was before, parents have to be quite efficient and active. 

…Very few parents manage to run their healthy habits and be strict on their routines

Coach Joseph Hanna

It is quite safe to say that only very few parents manage to run their healthy habits and be strict on their routines even after having children. It is definitely not easy to let your kids be happy and sound and also to have your routines being in action too. But only by making your life be on track you can happen to remain fit and smart. 

Parenthood is the prime time when schedules are the most effective and efficient. You might slip off from mild routines and schedules if you don’t have them defined properly. A schedule will help you track your tasks and stay working on them for the longest time. The following are some reasons why a weekly schedule is very important for you:

More free time

When you don’t have a devised and proper schedule, you just keep running and running. The thought of doing the most done today so that you can be free tomorrow is mere an oasis in parenthood. Being busy with children will keep you busy every day. So forget about having some free time tomorrow. Build a schedule and spare some time for relaxation every single day. Mention every task with time and make sure you put a chunk of your day time for yourself as well. At this time, you can relax, meditate, or listen to your favorite song.

family working out together

Getting most done in lesser time

Schedules give you a time limit to follow. You know when to start and for how long you need to finish the task. It can be anything, i.e., preparing lunch for your kids, taking them out to the park, or doing your office work amidst the kid’s chaos. A schedule will tell you how much time you have for each of the steps, and hence when you can finally relax while not pending any of your schedule entry.

Relaxed brain

The human body has a natural mechanism of being stressed out about things it doesn’t know or can’t see. Having a fixed schedule will help you stay stress-free. Knowing everything you will be doing until the last hours of your waking time will free you of the stress of the unknown. Having little levels of panic will keep your mood fresh and active until your little ones toddle back to their cribs.

Well, do you follow a schedule? Can you suggest some more reasons why having it is beneficial for parents?